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  • Yes-Tek TUV_ABS.jpg

    TUV certification - ABS

    Yes-Tek obtained TUV certification - ABS.
  • SBIR.jpeg

    SBIR Research and Development Project of Government

    In the SBIR project, Yes-Tek CO., LTD successfully developed the recycling technology of PLA plastic cups. The modified RPLA plastic pellets can maintain the decomposability characteristics, and the mechanical strength can meet the general PP Requirements. In the future, Yes-Tek will continue to cooperate with domestic schools and companies to carry out the technical development of plastic physical recycling method and chemical recycling method, so that we can provide customers with more choices of environmentally friendly plastic materials.
  • ISO.png

    ISO certification

    Yes-Tek obtained ISO 9001 certification. Through the complete system and employee training, the factory is fully operational 24 hours a day. Now, Yes-Tek can have a production capacity of up to 1,500 tons a month, and continue to increase in.
  • GRS2.png

    Global Recycle Standard, GRS certification

    Yes-Tek obtained GRS certification and is committed to the development of recycled plastics and increase the quality of our own products.
  • TUV.png

    TUV certification - PC

    Yes-Tek obtained TUV certification and successfully developed various PCR engineering plastics.
  • SONY GP Certification_有效至2021.11.30_14_.png

    SONY GP certification

    Yes-Tek obtained SONY GP certification. The certification is a certificate for the suppliers that SONY has qualified for its environmental-related controlled substances evaluation.